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More Holiday Goodness.

Evening all –

What a fantastic holiday weekend. I love the long holidays. I think every weekend should last 4 days.

We have a bit of a reprieve before the New Year’s weekend commences on Thursday. It’s probably a good thing. Three days of eating right can get us ready for the next rogue weekend.

Although I must say for the most part, our portions were smallish, we kept our bodies moving, so they evened out. I think that has become a good rule of thumb.

I love the crustaceans.

Crustaceans. Good.

We were lucky enough to have some wonderful eats in the house:

Various fresh and local seafood. Spiny lobster, Dungeness crab and scallops made their appearance for Christmas lunch with Dirk and Mom.

We made an appetizer of the lobster. After steaming, it was mixed with cream, a bit of cheese, flashed in a hot oven and served with toasted bread. Crab cakes with Mango relish were a hit. Seared scallops in brandy cream with spinach and potato pancakes were lovely as well.

I don't recommend you eat this whole bowl

I don't recommend you eat this whole bowl.

For dessert we devoured a local made Buche de Noel, provided by our favorite local french bakery. I also picked up some macaroons, croissants and brioche coffee cake to keep us going throughout the weekend.

The next day we had a bit of glorious caviar and blinis in the house. Rich cheeses and olives came with. More dessert ensued. Chocolates, house made cookies and fine wine.

Is it a wonder we are still hungry?

Yes, we are. I did mention the portions, right? They are smaller than we would like. Dirk mentions the brilliant Japanese viewpoint on food and appetite.

Eat until you are 80 percent full. Then stop.

Sounds easy. It isn’t. It does become a way of life if you let it and it has worked for us.

We buy less, eat less, and yet still eat so, so well. Of course this last week has been decadent and luxurious in every way possible. We probably have not adhered to the 80/20 philosophy.

It’s okay.

Sometimes you have to go rogue.

And then, you retreat. And run like hell. Literally.