01 02 20 10

I love those numbers.

After another lovely long holiday weekend day, I was surprised to find another one awaits. Here I thought all day it was the wind down to the weekend (Sunday), only to find it was actually Saturday. Score!

Today was pretty sweet. We visited our favorite Mexican restaurant, Rose’s. Conveniently located a short drive away in the ‘hood’ of Santa Barbara. Chorizo burritos, chilaquiles and smoking good salsa ensued. Perfect.

We then enjoyed one of our favorite past times, an afternoon movie. We watched Up in the Air. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’m not sure what all the hype is about, Oscar worthy, Golden Globe sweeper, etc. I will give it kudos for being an original screenplay, and it stars George Clooney. So that said, I recommend.

A bit of window shopping up State Street, and then to the Harbor for some fresh fish to go with vegetables and sides already at the house. We picked up a light, fresh and locally caught halibut. Beautiful. I simply sauteed it with capers and wine, served with basmati rice and broccolini. Just right to offset the heavy laden cheese and sausage breakfast.

Balance people, balance.

fish and chips

See that big bone sticking out the side? Bad. Oh wait. Never mind.

Nearly halfway through the meal, I encountered a thin bone that slid down my mouth and lodged itself into my wind pipe. Yeah, not good. Not terribly bad however, as it wasn’t a thick bone and I could breathe fine. It scratched. It tried to make it’s way south as I felt it needed and wanted to do so. But it wouldn’t budge.

Damn it! Dirk looked over at me and said. “Should we go to the ER?”

Hell no! I’ve had my share of hospitals, doctors and sterile white rooms for a good long time, thank you very much.

“I’m fine,” I croaked.

Dirk kept eating. I kept trying to dislodge the damn bone. I downed several glasses of water. Nothing.

boneless? Hmmf

This looks harmless. Cuidado people.

“Maybe some rice would help,” Dirk offered. “Or bread.” Good idea.

Nothing doing. I tried to sit at the table and settle it down with positive thinking. (That, and rubbing the back of my throat with my hand. Hey, it works for animals, perhaps it would work for me).

Nope. Okay, this called for drastic measures because at this point, it was causing me a bit of alarm. And discomfort. So I did what any normal person would do.

I went to the bathroom and removed said bone from my throat. Let’s not go into details. It wasn’t pretty, or comfortable. But I got the job done. Much, much better. Anyone who has ever had choking and breathing issues due to food will relate when I tell you this is a moment of rebirth. Silly, I know. But honestly; perspective it gives.

Because I am just not the most balanced person in the world, I proudly came and showed off the offending sliver to my husband.

Dirk’s exact words:

“Oh my God. I can’t believe you actually got that out of your throat! I am in true awe of you.”

Just hearing those words emitted from my gorgeous husband nearly made it all worth it.

Back to more important issues at hand and life. Like finishing that glorious bottle of wine accompanying our halibut. The rest of dinner on my plate?

No thanks.


One response to “01 02 20 10

  1. lemon juice seems to help….:)

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