Farewell 2009.

Happy New Year Blog Friends and Family!

During this long holiday weekend, I will be recapping my favorite bits of 2009. They are many and I fear I will fail to mention some, so my apologies in advance. Most will be related to food of course, but travel plays a role as well, which just happens to be my second favorite thing in the world to do. Eating and traveling are great companions!

New York and the big guy

Smiling is fun. Let's all try it!

Although I didn’t take any transatlantic vacations this year, I was lucky enough to have four groups of friends and family visit from across the pond, and a couple trips we met somewhere in between. You know those experiences are at the top of my list!

Just the memories of 2009 give me a reason to smile, and to be grateful for all the love and joy I experienced.

Not all was fine in 2009 (sorry, I couldn’t help that), but life rolls like that. Living well is a goal I wish to achieve, and I’m not referring to drinking find wine and eating organic foods (although that does sound pretty good to me).

As I grow older I wish to grow wiser, with modesty and respect for life. This truly is a gift here folks, we don’t have infinite time here. We can spend it lamenting about what is and isn’t. We can habitually moan and groan about the injustice of life and how rotten things are going…

Or, we can sing when the sun shines, and dance when it rains.

May 2010 be a year of growth, knowledge and celebration for us all. Happy New Year!


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