No Christmas Tree????

The Christmas holidays continue over here at Casa Reynolds, another fun filled day decorating the house, pulling out all the Christmas ornaments and lights. The big difference this year?

Gift wrap. Christmas gifts.


No Christmas Tree. I know. It’s weird, it’s wrong, it goes against all that is Christmas.

But it just didn’t happen this year. Dirk and I both had appointments and commitments that didn’t allow us to get a tree like we usually do, the first week of December. No problem. We will postpone the event until the following week. Oops, sorry. That’s not a good time either.

Okay, fine. The next weekend. Done.

So last weekend we set out to get us a tree. Granted, it’s only the 18th of December, but most of the trees have been bought. No worries, there are still beautiful pines to be had. We walk along the paths and I casually look at the price tags.

$70 for a tree!

Are you kidding me? For a tree. That’s dead. Dirk and I were just not feeling it.

Actually, I wasn’t feeling it. Because Dirk knows my sincere affinity for Christmas trees, I truly believe he wouldn’t have blinked an eye if I decided I must have had that tree.

But at that moment, I knew the Christmas season would still live in my mind, heart and soul. Without the overpriced, dried out, dead tree.

So we left the lot.

Only problem is this:

We have a vast collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations. We love opening the boxes of holiday glitter every year, remembering holidays past, smiling as we fondly hang our ornaments, retelling stories and memories. The nights that pass allow us to admire the tree, reflect and enjoy the warmth of lights and memories they hold.

Umm, Kley?

NOT Traditional

Yeah, we don’t have that this year. But, I did still ask my gorgeous and strong husband to bring out the heavy Christmas boxes stored up in the closets. I slowly unwrapped the decorations and ornaments, coveting their history and memories as my hands anticipated the treasures I would find after freeing them from their annual blankets.

I found new homes for most. Our mantle became not only a make shift for the Christmas stockings, but also some fresh garland, holly and ornaments. Our Christmas tree angel is now resting atop of the said mantle as opposed to the top of the tree. She still looks glorious.

A beloved glass pitcher now adorns our glittering bulbs, surrounded by many strands of silver pearls.

Other ornaments are finding their way into different rooms and areas of the house. Look closely, or you might miss them!

Tomorrow I will decorate a fresh pine wreath with a few more gems. I’m not sure where I will end up hanging it.

But I have a feeling it will find its right spot, creating a new Christmas tradition.  Which feels absolutely perfect.


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