The Holidays.

present and past

I love Christmas.

What a lovely weekend we had over here at la casa. With the Christmas holiday closing in, we are making plans for some really great meals.

Even better time spent this week however, has been with Dirk’s Cousin Sebastian, his wife Nana, and their 3 great kiddos Carmen 9, Noah 7 and Hanna 4. Please forgive me guys if I have your ages wrong!

They are visiting from Denmark, and it’s a first trip for most. Sebastian has been to America before, but it’s the first trip for the kiddos and Nana. And a first for all around in California.

They have also been traveling with Nana’s cousin Christian who is a student at SBCC. He is moving on up to Palo Alto for fall session and his father Nils has come with to make it all happen. It was absolutely fantastic to have time spent with all of them. We are hoping when they come down the coast again from their trip up north before heading down south to enjoy the Christmas holidays at Disneyland, we will be able to spend some more time with everyone.

Mixed in with their visit, we are eagerly anticipating our holiday week at home.

Wrap, wrap, wrap

Shai Shai is Christmas ready!

Christmas Eve dinner will no doubt be a wonderful time spent and enjoyed by Dirk, me and Shadow.

Christmas day will be enjoyed by the local family, my Mom included. A luncheon of fresh seafood and produce will prevail.

Our many friends and family members far and away will be cherished and thought of.

Long days hold deep memories.

In our minds and hearts, we will remember days spent with you. Good times. Good times.

May we all experience the joy and love of the holiday tradition. Dog’s speed it continues to feed us through the New Year.

Love and Bless Us All.


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