Tis The Season

Yep, it’s nearly Christmas. I have been a busy, busy bee. And I’ve also neglected this darn blog.

Mea Culpa.

I will try to do better in 2010. It is one of my goals. I don’t call them resolutions. Resolutions, in my mind infer that one is off the track. I must be doing something wrong, and therefore I need to resolve my current actions.

Yeah, that sucks. I like goals a whole lot more.

Until my new ‘goal’ is met, I leave you with this.

Christmas week is near. I finally got to light a fire in my fireplace. The glow and warm colors are just what I needed. I baked some treats today, and now my whole house smells like butter and burnt sugar.

I am trying not to eat the small plate of fudge, shortbread and mint bark on the counter.

I am leaving for Zihuatanejo in 5 weeks, so therefore I really need to refrain from eating the sweets.

I love Christmas. I am mailing letters to friends and family far and near tomorrow. I wish us all peach, love and harmony for 2010.

I strive to enjoy a simple life, with my beloved husband and puppy.

May we all enjoy the holiday of love. My earnest best to you all.

Dog bless us all xoxox



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