Happy Halloween!!

Hey all,

Just a quick post to wish all of you ghosts and goblins a safe and happy Halloween.

Lots of food memories for me on this holiday. Popcorn balls, pillow cases full of candy, costumes and parties, the list goes on.

Lovely orange globes

Fall is fantastic!

Today marks a first for me on Halloween. I ran my personal best of 12 miles in preparation for my first half marathon next Saturday, November 7th. It didn’t really feel like Halloween, as I was just trying to stay upright and keep going forward.

I did however, hit the grocery store this late afternoon in preparation for an autumn dinner of Yellow Curry. The DH was craving it, so I complied. The dinner of shrimp curry, rice and paan was quite lovely actually. I thought (briefly) to photograph the meal in progress, but my body was still in recoup mode, actually surprised to find myself vertical at this point, so I didn’t want to rock the boat.

Homemade tart tatin

Just. Say. No. Damnit.

I will say however, this meal is worthy of a repeat, so I will post photos and recipes next week. The meal is easy, fast and really satisfying.

Oh, and it’s also easy on the waistline as I continue to move down the charts. I have now lost a total of 23 pounds, just 5 pounds shy of my goal. Remind me to stay on the good path next time I decide to eat my way through 2 years with reckless abandon. Stupid Kat.

Which reminds me of another milestone come this October 31st. No Halloween candy in the house. None. I thought about it for sure, especially with the promise of young neighborhood trick or treaters arriving at our door. How could I disappoint? Should I pass out money instead? Seriously? Is that a consideration for some people?

Really? Wow.

Well, no such luck at this casita people. Let’s keep moving. I think instead, I will settle into a warm, plush bed a bit early tonight with my trusted and loyal boys, Dirk and Shadow. Together we will all keep the ghouls and goblins at bay. And, the candy.


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