Waiting is the Hardest Part…

This week has been a tough one for me and for so many others close to my heart. I have not spent nearly enough time in my kitchen as I would like, but sometimes circumstances require a different direction.

My personal experiences with friends and family are first and foremost. That will never change. Most of the time I can regain hope and promise with a simple cooking session or two. Spending time in my kitchen with familiar smells and techniques will calm me, as well as feed the family.

This week was undone in many ways. My daughter whom I love to the extremity, is facing surgery for the removal of her left kidney. She lives is North Carolina. I do not. Coast to coast travel will deem necessary next month. Ashley is expected a full recovery and for that, I am so, so very grateful, but it will be a long road.

My husband in turn, was caught gravely ill with what I would call the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever seen. It began on Sunday and didn’t offer any reprieve until the last day. To see Dirk as sick as he was is something I pray I never have to see again. I’m pretty sure he feels the same way. Honestly, there was a point I felt so helpless to do anything I wanted to cry. This afternoon, his appetite returned along with the glow in his cheeks.

My lovely mother is stronger than most. She is hoping to hear nothing from her dermatologist about a suspicious mole(s) removed from her body. Gods speed.

And, the last trouble happened upon one of my dearest friends. She is awaiting news which hopefully will be favorable. She will find out Friday. Fingers crossed, we will be opening a great bottle of wine to celebrate. Other wise, we will be opening a bottle to commiserate.

Whatever the cases prove to be, I will spend time in the kitchen. When I travel to see Ash in North Carolina, I will cook some love for her; for Randy, Lynlee and any other family and friends that come over, I will nourish them at the dining room table.

This evening I was privy to be back in my kitchen cooking for Dirk and myself. We sat at our table enjoying some potatoes, green beans and a lovely steak. And life was good.

Whenever I get to spend time with friends and familia, it is a glorious event – all of us cooking and laughing together, warm fires and good stories flowing.

The past week I have felt out of sorts for sure. But once I fell into step with the familiar pots, pans and smells, I immediately became more centered than I have been in days.

Life continues. Good karma, bad news, the wins and losses. They are constant. I am so grateful to have a warm hearth and cozy kitchen in which to seek refuge. With a warm cup of tea and a warm light, waiting just became a bit more bearable.


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