The Top 40. Okay, Make That 44.

Last week I wrote briefly about my latest trip to New York City, a week full of fabulous fun, friends and food. In that short week my husband and I trekked through the boroughs of Manhattan eating and drinking our way through the various neighborhoods, amassing an incredible 40 stops for sustenance.

As if my stomach wasn’t already straining to recover, Dirk kindly reminded me our vacation actually began 24 hours earlier as we ventured south towards LAX and included an additional 4 culinary detours, rounding our week out to an even 44. In 6 days. I’m no mathematician, but even I can do rudimentary division and conclude  the normal 3 square meals a day did not apply to our week long food orgy.

I’ve listed the proof below in case there are any non-believers, along with a brief food summary. Many of the meals we ate were either planned or on ‘the list’, but a few we stumbled upon (or more likely we tripped over our ever growing girth). Nearly all were an absolute delight.

Here I give you the The List, better known as the Bad Kitty Recon, day 1 through 6. All items were shared between Dirk and myself, unless otherwise noted:

Knish is Yiddish for Love.

Knish is Yiddish for Love.

LA – T-minus 12 hours to NYC

1. Canter’s – pastrami on rye, potato knish, pickles, diet cola, chocolate egg creme.
2. ¡Loteria! – chicharones tacos, queso fundido con chorizo, hibiscus tea.
3. Blue Plate Oysterette – 1/2 dozen oysters on the half shell, steamed mussels in red curry broth, clam chowder.

NY – Day 1

4. Amy’s Bakery – double cappuccino, croissant, pain au chocolat.
5. Cafe Duke – double espresso (jet logged).
6. Katz’s – pastrami on rye, potato knish, pickles, cream soda.
7. Schimmel Knishery – roasted garlic and potato knish.
8. Pommes Fritesmore potatoes, this time fried; served with mayonnaise, ketchup and satay sauce.
9. White Horse Tavern – pints of hefeweizen beer.
10. Blue Ribbon Sushi – 1st course sashimi, 2nd course nigiri sushi. Tuna, Sea Urchin, Mackerel, Toro and Scallops all made an appearance. Sake and Kirins x 2.
11. Blue Ribbon Bakery – steak tartare, pickled tongue, baguette, 1.5 bottles of fine red wine.
12. Barbatu – single malt scotches and ports. Don’t judge.

NY – Day 2

13. The Lobster Place – wake your ass up with oysters on the half shell, 2 each.
14. Amy’s Bakery – double cappuccinos, orange juice, croissant, pain au chocolat.
15. Spotted Pig – chicken liver pate crostini, watercress  & radish salad with parmesan, 2 glasses white wine.
16. Gray’s Papaya – the recession special; 2 hot dogs with sauerkraut and onions, papaya juice.
17. Gottino – lardo on baguette, heirloom tomato salad. Prosecco. Mama Mia!
18. Dublin – pints of hefeweizen.
19. Little Owl – Heirloom tomatoes and avocado, casaba melon with serrano. Snapper with seafood risotto, skillet braised baby squid with lardo croutons. Bottle of lovely, crisp french white wine.
20. Pastis – intended to have dessert. “Dessert” was steak tartare, frites and red wine. Oy, roll me home!

If there was a Gray's in Santa Barbara, I would need intervention.

If there was a Gray's in Santa Barbara, I would need intervention.

NY – Day 3

21. Amy’s Bakery – espresso, pain au chocolat, whole wheat biscuit.
22. Le Bernardin – 5 course chef’s tasting. Highlights included seared Spanish mackerel, soft shell crab, pan roasted monkfish. click here to see what is possibly one of the greatest restaurants around. Wine? Bien sûr!
23. Sweets Truck – chocolate mocha cupcake. Note: We did not eat this until late at night. In bed.
24. Market Place – More heirloom tomato salad! Hey, season is short people. Braised lamb gnocchi. Beers and red wine.
25. Bar Carrera – Tapas. Spanish olive trio, egg in a blanket (brioche with egg, jamon and manchego), boquerones fritos (fried white anchovies). Cava and cucumber sangrias? Si, si!
26. Pearl Oyster Bar – 1/2 dozen oysters, salt fried shrimp, clam chowda. Ice cold beers and white wine.

NY – Day 4

27. Tartine – I could not eat at this point. Dirk had a croissant. I had coffee.
28. Cupping Room – fresh fruit and yogurt, praise the angels! Coffee and OJ.
29. Standard Grill – 1/2 dozen oysters, golden roasted beets with hazelnuts, Pata Negra (Spanish Iberico ham), white wine. Back in the groove.
30. The Cookshop – Double lattes all around please.
31. The Homestead Steakhouse – Old school steak house since 1863. Grey Goose martini bigger than my head.
32. Crispo – roasted bone marrow ‘gratin’, sausage stuffed sage leaves, red wine.
33. 5 nth – Blueberry peach crisp, more wine. I think.

NY – Day 5

34. Pret a Manger –  fruit bowl, coffee.
35. Ecco – Antipasti of cured meats and cheeses, dover sole with roast potatoes, salad, white wine, espresso. The best cannoli. Ever.
36. Post House – Plate del Mar; oysters, shrimp, lobster, clams and crab. Filet mignon au poivre sauce. Champagne and red wine, too many to list.
37. Revel – cocktails.
38. Plunge (Gansevoort) – more cocktails. God help me.

Holy Cannoli!

Holy Cannoli!

NY – Day 6

39. Amy’s Bread (on Bleeker) – cappuccino, pain au chocolat. This became a bad habit. Back to muesli and fruit when I get home, for sure.
40. Katz’s – Dirk only. Pastrami on rye, split with Kley and JC. Kat was shopping with Karen and Julia. I drank a Coke Zero. Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero guilt.
41. Gray’s Papaya – Again, the boys only. Another recession special, split 3 way.
42. Pastis – Croque Monsieur, oven roasted lobster, arugula salad, frites. Champagne for all!
43. Boat House – Edna Valley Chardonnay for the gals, Coronas for the guys. Hey, I can’t believe I remember the winery! Copious amounts of alcohol does not impair brain cells. For reals.
44. Campagnola – too many items to list. We never saw a menu in the 4 hours we dined. Barola a plenty. Check this out for more details. Somehow a bottle of Sambuca made it to the table. Trouble.

10 days later, my liver and waistline are on the road to recovery. What an unforgettable week. Next post I will delve further into the good, the bad and the best of our New York Gastro Week. Till then, I think I will be dining on a sliver of lettuce and half a pea tonight. Oh, and don’t forget the wine.


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