Please Pass the Coffee

Dirk and I have had the same coffee maker, a Phillips Senseo for the past 7 years. Sunday morning it started making this sad slow grinding noise, its motor strained and tired. After several attempts to restart the machine, our beloved Senseo was gone.

Finding a replacement machine has proved challenging, so we are without a coffee source in our home and office at the moment. This is not a good thing.

My first solution was to drag out our camping ‘coffee maker’ which is sort of like a french press, but with an aluminum container instead of glass. The coffee gets spooned in first, boiling water goes in, and the plastic top is fitted with a ‘plunger’. Wait a few minutes, press down on the cap to trap the grounds and voilà! You have coffee.

Just. Say. No.

Just. Say. No.

Bitter, grainy, sludgy coffee. Somehow I remember it tasting better out in the wilderness, but this brew was horrid. Since it was Sunday, we went out for breakfast and got our caffeine fix with our eggs.

Yesterday morning we held out as long as we could before heading up the hill to a proper coffee house, bringing two lattes back to the office.

This morning we tried tea at home, but it wasn’t working. I. Needed. Coffee.

I got in the car and minutes later returned with two double lattes. Much better. About an hour later, Dirk was in need of more java so off he went, returning with an Americano for me.

Bad idea.

One double latte + one large espresso drink = one jacked up Kitty. And not in a good way. I felt sick, edgy, I couldn’t sit still and my hands were shaking; I was on the verge of losing it, seriously. Only after several hours, a proper lunch and endless glasses of water am I starting to feel like I don’t want to jump out of my skin. I would compare it to a bad coke binge. Honestly, it was that awful.

Time to chill.

Soup's On!

Speaking of lunch, today we sampled my Summer Gazpacho and both of us gave it a thumbs up. Paired with some crusty bread, a little Spanish Ham and local grapes, it was a lovely meal indeed; a perfect respite from my crazy morning.

Tomorrow I will post the recipe for the soup. I love its simplicity. Toss all the ingredients into a food processor, refrigerate for a day or so, and you’ve got a tasty meal. I think the leftovers will make a repeat performance for Thursday’s lunch.

But a repeat of this morning? No thanks, I think I’ll pass.


5 responses to “Please Pass the Coffee

  1. In case it wasn’t clear from the beautiful pictures and tasty recipes, I have the best lunches. Ever. Look at that photo! Heaven!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the Senseo. Alas, as you know, I had to bury my first and purchase a new one, on Craiglist no less. Best of luck finding another…..I am having a hard enough time finding the pods these days. Lunch looked divine! xo

  3. What a survival kit! That lunch looks like it could cure Anything!

    • That lunch was truly great. A nice chilled gazpacho with (I believe) a few choice jalapeños blended in there for small punch. Also, the ham was your favorite. Jamón Ibérico sliced thin and laid out on an pre-heated plate so they warm up a bit. Pure heaven!

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