I Bought the Farm

This past weekend Dirk and I went to the local Farmer’s Market for some supplies and inspiration.

We are lucky to live on the California Coast which is surrounded by endless agricultural wealth. The peak season for fruits and vegetables begins in late spring and continues through September. Right now, strawberries are still plentiful, but the blueberries have moved on. Heirloom tomatoes are at their height of glory, but the peaches are already losing some of their punch.

One of the bumper crops right now is figs. Dark, purple skins hiding a watermelon hued flesh, are firm yet yielding. They are perfect for an appetizer seared with a bit of prosciutto, black pepper and goat cheese.

That was the plan. However, after buying a large amount of tomatoes which needed to be consumed within 48 hours (success!), and the 5 pounds of strawberries filling our bellies but still more to go, the figs somehow got a bit lost in the fridge.

Fresh Figs from the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

Fresh Figs from the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

This morning as I rifled around for breakfast, I came across a bag of extremely ripe figs. There was no way they would hold up to a hot pan sear at this stage. Damn. I thought about slicing them into our yogurt and fruit bowls, but they were a little too soft for that. Squishy fruit doesn’t bode well with me. I know, it’s weird. I can eat live octopus, sushi of any kind, and endless offal, but the over-ripe texture of these figs were not going to make it into my breakfast bowl.

If you know us,then you know about our nearly one year long journey to weight loss and better health. Dirk has lost 40 pounds! He is amazing, and we are trying to do it the right way. Move more, eat less.

I’ve  lost nearly 20 pounds and have a good 5 more to go. The biggest challenge we face is to eat well and keep on track. We have our rogue moments. Cookies are still an absolute passion for us, so I immediately thought of Fig Newtons when I was met with the fig dilemma.

As healthy as they sound, they really aren’t. Chock full of sugar, saturated fat and calories, I needed to find a way to make a healthy version without the end result tasting like baked cardboard.

Tomorrow I will post the recipe (and results) of my newest invention. The pan of “Shfiggy Bars” is cooling as we speak, the recipe written down on my note pad. If all goes well, we will be enjoying some healthy yet delicious fruit bars after dinner with a cold glass of milk. And, if all goes well, you my dear reader, will have the recipe at your ready.

If all else fails, I still have several pints of strawberries to contend with…


2 responses to “I Bought the Farm

  1. Hmm… sounds good (and looks good!). I think it’s time to try some of those Shfiggy Bars.

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